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A healing therapy for you and your loved ones

Individual therapy is one type of psychotherapy that focuses on helping an individual overcome a variety of emotional difficulties and mental illnesses. It is a process of meeting with a trained professional in a safe and nurturing setting to seek therapy for issues that are hard to face alone.

At Caring Hands Behavioral Health Center, you can guarantee that every individual therapy is done in a safe and confidential place where you can open up about underlying issues, including mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral problems. Our licensed psychologist or therapist will work with you to help you make healthy decisions, reach your goals, and support your journey towards a better life.

Individual Therapy seeks to:

  • Help you share personal struggles and difficulties
  • Increase your insight and awareness
  • Increase your communication and socialization skills
  • Help you learn tools to tolerate stress
  • Help you to problem-solve through difficult situations
  • Process your emotions and feelings
  • Help you feel empowered and establish a sense of independence and confidence

For more information about Individual Therapy, please feel free to contact us.